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Bartlett MArch Architecture Design Workshops

The aim of the Game Workshop was to create a Construction Game using basic aggregation logic and interaction like the Jenga Game. The structure was created depend on the procedural landscape, then randomly removed. The player will have to place the tile back to the structure and finally activate gravity to test if the structure is stable or not.

For the Robotic Workshop, the interaction between robot and human was explored through a basic trial on machine learning idea. The main task of the robot is to assemble the structure which mirrors the structure built by the human. A camera system was set up to scan the position of the tile, create a feedback loop for each action of the human.

The Algorithm Workshop equipped us with advanced computational algorithms such as A* Shortest Path, Diffusion Limited Aggregation (DLA), Cellular Automata (Conway’s Game Of Life) (CA) and Space-Filling Curve. Two structure was aggregated using the combination of those algorithms in an interactive app call the “Generative Toolbox”.

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