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Competition Winner - 4th Prize
West of West Lake - Hanoi 

XMA as part of the VietArchitects Consortium has won the fourth prize in the biggest Architecture Competition in Vietnam in the last decade.

Competing with 15 other top architecture firms in Vietnam, and within 88 hard working days we have achieved a coherence proposal for a freshly assembled team. And the result is a polished gem that was selected from various options and developed through multiple discussions and critic.

The design contains the most advanced technology in design and construction whilst expressing a traditional look. Taking the genius loci of the place - the rice field and canal - and the city Thang Long as the inspiration, the design is symbolic but fits well into the local context.

The function blocks of the building are discrete: easy to assemble or disassembled base on the flexible need of the Administration Departments. The Facade and Roof are parametric and kinetic which react to the local climate and contribute to the environment.

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